Soula Poulos is a ceramic artist who lives and works in Vancouver BC. Her vessels take the form of sculptures with mystical functions, vessels that share stories about memory, love and family, while considering the poetics of her individual connection to space.

Her newest works references Greek mythology with the story of Pirene, a nymph who after the accidental death of her son, becomes nothing but tears and turns into a fountain outside the gates of Corinth. Πειρήνη (Fountain), What we take away and the ones we keep with us, 2016, is a public fountain installation that includes a fountain, a tiled bench and bowl filled with ceramic coins for the viewer to take away. The installation functions as a gathering site to examine settler colonization, Greek diaspora, wishes and giving.

Soula’s unconventional material practice combines traditional embroidery pattern motifs and with raw materials sourced from mines in Greece to the immigrant coasts of Canada from which to reconstruct her family narrative. Using experimental practices, slips and accidents as well as a sound practice in ceramics, she builds and articulates both the joys and heartaches of the women of her past and begins to construct a narrative for the future.